Guardian Armory is an online store. trading company. Based on our many years in the market, we have become one of the most successful online retailers selling over-the-counter firearms, ammunition, accessories and defense equipment. Through web sales we can offer you the sale of all weapons for which specific Slovak legislation does not prohibit their sale or the conclusion of a contract at a distance. We can offer you weapons for which distance selling is prohibited by specific Slovak laws in our brick-and-mortar shop if the relevant legal conditions are met (e.g. a firearms license, a purchase permit, etc.).


We offer a wide range of over-the-counter weapons and accessories (e.g. air guns, airsoft guns), optic sights especially for over-the-counter weapons (e.g. rifle scopes, laser sights and collimators), defensive equipment (e.g. defensive sprays, telescopic batons). We also offer eye and ear protection from major arms manufacturers and much more. We also sell professional equipment for armed private or state security forces (police, military, SBS, etc.), such as professional handcuffs, batons, tonfas, shielding cases, detection mirrors, impact resistant police shields, tactical flashlights, etc.

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You go to great lengths to minimize threats to your life, but sometimes a deadly situation is unavoidable. While every scenario is unique and requires personal decisions, having proper handgun education, training, equipment, and practice are crucial.

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Guardian Arms offers legendary firearm brands such as the Kimber, SIG Sauer Company, the Browning, the CZ-USA, the Beretta, the Smith & Wesson, the Benelli, the Ruger, and many others.

Browse the selection of new firearms for sale from all these amazing companies available for online purchase, and have it delivered to your nearest FFL dealer.

There are many reasons why people buy guns. Some buy for recreational purposes (fun) like hunting and target shooting while some buy for home and personal defense(Danger). Whatever the reason may be, Guns Online Store is the best place to buy affordable guns online that will meet all your needs. We follow all the guidelines and procedures put in place by authorities. Our Customer care is without rivalry and our customer keep coming back because of great customer care and knowledgeable staff

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We deal with the sale of well-known and less well-known world brands so that the customer can choose equivalents from different price ranges. We directly represent brands such as Euro Security Products (defense equipment), B.O. Manufacture (airsoft and air guns), DIANA (air guns), German Sport Guns (guns and accessories), Stil Crin (cleaning kits for guns), Czech Small Arms (guns and accessories). Of course, our offer also includes well-known brands such as Umarex and Walther (guns and accessories), Lancer Tactical (airsoft guns), Kral Arms (air guns), Steel Claw Knives (knives), Gamo (air guns) and many others.


Every year we expand our offer with hundreds of new products that might interest you. We are happy to advise any customer who needs help and advice. We are constantly trying to modernize our online shop to make it clear and understandable for the customer, to make the purchase quick and easy, and to make sure that they know everything they need to know about the product. If a customer finds a lower price in a competitor’s online shop, we do our best to offer an even better price. We always do our best to deal with complaints as quickly as possible and, if possible, to the customer’s satisfaction. We try to offer after-sales service for most of our products after the warranty expires. Our stable team consists of people who have many years of experience in selling our product range.

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What is Guardian Arms Store

Passionate about guns? is the perfect place for you! Guardian Arms Store is a marketplace of gun enthusiasts dedicated to sharing our affinity for guns. Here you can buy guns online, find guns for sale online, discover new guns, and get information about guns. Think of Guardian Arms Store as your gun spot for all things guns. The Guardian Arms Store marketplace goes beyond guns for sale, and offers hunting gear, gun parts / accessories, collectibles, and much more. Buying your next gun online at the best price, have a gun for sale, or want to get educated about a gun? Guardian Armory Shop is your marketplace. Guardian Arms Store believes in promoting responsible gun ownership. Guardian Armory Shop gives you a safe, secure and transparent way to buy guns online and offer guns for sale online by strict adherence to gun ownership policies and regulations through licensed firearms dealers as transfer agents.